Why renew your AqP designation?

  • Use AqP in your signature to let others know of your designation

  • Continue to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) online or while attending the AOAP Conference and Exposition

  • Demonstrate your commitment to aquatic education, certification, and professional development

  • Set yourself apart from other aquatic professionals when pursing career opportunities

  • Join a group of outstanding Designated Aquatic Professionals who share your passion

AqP is now certified Model Aquatic Health Code compliant!

How to Renew Your AqP Designation

Renewal is simple:

The first step is to register for the Renewal AqP Designation. This will establish your account on Splash-EDU (if you do not already have one). Here you will be guided through the requirements and upload your documentation for: 

Current AqP certificate

CORE Content

 Complete the five (5) core educational sessions by attending in-person at the AOAP conference or registering for the recorded session on Splash-EDU. The CORE sessions vary by year. 

  • Risk Management CORE
  • Programming and Staff Training CORE
  • Drowning Prevention CORE
  • Leadership/Executive Development CORE
  • Diversity and Inclusion CORE

Continuing Education CEU's

Earn these CEU credits from any recognized education source such as courses on Splash-EDU, conferences, seminars, workshops, and even relevant experience. You can go back two (2) years but cannot submit any education event or certification twice.

  • .2 CEU (2 hours) in Risk Management
  • .2 CEU (2 hours) in Programming and Staff Training
  • .2 CEU (2 hours) in Drowning Prevention
  • .2 CEU (2 hours) in Leadership/Executive Development
  • .2 DEU (2 hours) in Diversity and Inclusion

AqP Exam 

Pass a 100 question multiple-choice exam. Questions evaluate your knowledge across the prerequisites and CORE categories.  

Why I Earned my AqP Designation

Michelle Streifel, AqP

I wanted to become an AqP so that I could stand out professionally in the field of aquatics. But ultimately I was provided with so much more. More education, more support, a community that wants to help others, positivity, collaboration, and a common goal of making water safe for everyone.

AqP Education Available on Splash-EDU

Click the panel below to see the current course offerings.

Why I Earned my AqP Designation

Hannah Qauney, AqP

Throughout the AqP process I have really been able to grow as an Professional in Aquatics. The wealth of knowledge and the network of other professionals I have gained as I worked toward the designation, gave me the tools to really become a better, stronger, more informed leader.


  • What is the renewal process?

    The renewal application process is tracked in the Renewal AqP Designation course on Splash-EDU. Here you will upload proof of your current certification and for the continuing education. When all requirements are met you will be given access to the online final exam.

  • How long does the renewal designation last?

    The renewal is for a two (2) year period.

  • What are the fees?

    There is no charge for the renewal process, but you will need to enroll in the required webinars. Webinar Fee AOAP Member: $20.00/webinar Webinar Fee Non-Member: $30.00/webinar

Why I Earned my AqP Designation

Damaris Shiavi Schaeflein, AqP

Be A Part of LIFE In the FAST LANE today like me! Earn your AqP Designation, stand out, be recognized as an Aquatics Professional within the Industry. As a newer AqP Designee, I have been set apart with my education, experience, background, training and able to partake in endless benefits to an exclusive network while sharing my passion. Follow the easy to navigate - step by step process to earn your way towards your goal of obtaining your AqP. The Association of Aquatics Professionals (AOAP) is the first and only Aquatic Organization to offer this high level Designation as an Aquatics Professional. Be a Part of our Team ~ The benefits are endless!
  • Please note that the AqP designation means that an individual has the education, background and training for what the AOAP believes describes an aquatic professional. In no way does it guarantee that an individual will perform any specific job duties or requirements.