This course guides you through the elements needed to be successful as a Starfish Swimming swim instructor, and provides the Swim Instructor Code of Practice and Child/Youth Protection guidelines you are expected to follow.

Learning Objectives for Safety and Risk Management

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify safety guidelines that are best practices during operation of lesson programs

  • Be able to use an item for flotation in event of a struggling student needing assistance

  • Recognize the need for constant surveillance and positioning strategies

  • Identify strategies for organizing a class to reduce risk

  • Develop a procedure for starting and ending class on time

  • Recognize the importance of knowing the EAP for the facility

Learning Objectives for Communication and Effective Teaching

  • Identify the importance of having a positive attitude

  • Create an inviting environment for teaching

  • Recognize the benefits of keeping students active and involved to minimize discipline problems

  • Identify the benefits of using choice questions rather than yes/no when working with children in the water.

  • Recognize how communication skills influence your ability to be an effective instructor

  • Create a lesson plan appropriate for the age and stage of the student

Learning Objectives for Expectations

  • Focus on ability, not disability; achievement, not errors

  • Know the concept of the instructor “treasure box”

  • Know the expectation to follow, and agree to follow, the Starfish Swimming Code of Practice and Child/Youth Protection guidelines

In This Course

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Be Safe

    • Have Fun

    • Communicate Effectively

    • Be Patient

    • Be Prepared

    • Check Your Knowledge

  2. 2
    • About the Code of Practice and Child and Youth Protection Guidelines

    • Code of Practice

    • Child and Youth Protection


  • What score is needed to pass a Check Your Knowledge quiz?

    You must pass each quiz with 100% to continue. You may retry the quiz as many times as you need to pass.

  • Will my progress be saved if I close the course?

    As long as you use the "Complete and Continue" button after you have finished the content and activities for each section, your progress will be saved if you close the course and want to start again later.